TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — President Joe Biden touched down in Florida Tuesday warning of potential threats to medicare and social security if republicans gain control of congress in the midterm elections.

“I’ve come to Florida to talk about two very, very important programs that are under siege: Social Security and Medicare,” Biden said in south Florida.

Biden warned voters that if Republicans gain control of the U.S. Congress, they would strip away benefits provided by the inflation reduction act, which was passed by Democrats earlier this year. One part of the legislation is aimed at lowering prescription drug costs for Americans.

Biden has continuously criticized Senator Rick Scott for his proposed “Rescue America” plan.

“A senator from Florida going against Social Security and Medicare, It’s so outrageous you might not believe it,” he said.

The program championed by the Florida senator would sunset all federal legislation after five years, putting Social Security and Medicare’s survival in the hands of Congress.

Senator Marco Rubio is running to keep his seat in the Senate and has distanced himself from his fellow Republican plan saying, “No, that’s not my plan,” when asked during a debate with his opponent Val Demings.

The president’s visit comes with elections right around the corner. So far approximately 3 million Floridians have already cast their ballots, according to the secretary of state’s records.

Some saw the president’s first stop during his visit as an attempt to change the discussion with many voters worried about the economy.