TAMPA, Fla. (WBBH) — A Bible ban is brewing in the state of Florida. School districts across the state are reviewing textbooks that children will use in the fall. Now, the Bible is the latest up for debate and parents are speaking their minds. 

“You might as well ban the Bible, to me it’s the same thing,” one parent told NBC’s WBBH

“I Believe the Bible should be there for a choice,” another parent said.

The Bible battle started with a letter that activist Chaz Stevens sent to 62 school districts across the state.

The letter goes as far as asking for the banishment of any book that references the Bible.

“While you’re at it, please consider removing those insipid ‘In God We Trust’ signs thumbtacked to the wall.” the letter added.

Many parents believe that crosses the line.

“We’re doing them a disservice when we’re taking out certain things.”

“I think when it comes to students and books and Bibles, it needs to be a choice”

A spokesperson for the district said there aren’t any Bibles in school libraries, but there are some Bible-related materials in the schools.