SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A bear with a jar stuck on its head was spotted in Florida and wildlife officials are trying to capture it.

George Cheney told WESH 2 News that he spotted the bear in his neighbor’s trash.

“With the jar on his head, he can’t eat, he can’t drink, and I don’t see how he’s getting a good breath,” Cheney told WESH.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is hoping to capture the bear and get the jar off its head.

“We’re not taking any chances. We’re trying to capture the bear. We’re putting the word out. We want people to call us,” Mike Orlando with FWC told the news station.

WESH reported a similar incident last fall where a bear got its head stuck in a pet food feeder in South Florida.

“Once it’s past the ears, it’s almost impossible for them to get it off because the ears act like a locking mechanism and they can’t pull it off,” Orlando said.

A trap was set in the area where the bear was last seen once the report was made to FWC.

Orlando shared how residents can prevent this from happening again.

“If we could just get people to crush those things, stomp on them, crush the jar, so they can’t get their head in there, that will go a long way,” Orlando told WESH.

Officials are still working to trap the bear near the Wekiva River.