NAPLES, Fla. (NBC) – A Florida homeowner woke up to find a large hole in her porch screen and an unwelcomed visitor in her pool.

Karen Bockraths says the bear was repeatedly coming to her home and taking dips in her pool.

Bockraths says the visits became so frequent that she pulled out her camera and started taking pictures of the bold bear.

He may seem cute, but Bockraths and other neighbors the cuteness is a little too close for comfort.

“Now that he’s coming into the pool, it does kind of make me a little nervous at times,” Bockraths said.

She says her porch screen is the only thing that the bear has damaged at her home. But says she enjoys sending pictures of the big guy to her family including her six-year-old grandson who takes the photos to school and tells his friends it’s his grandma’s pet bear.