TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — The former top prosecutor in Hillsborough County was in Tallahassee Tuesday for the first day of a trial that will ultimately decide his fate as a state attorney.

The suspended State Attorney, Andrew Warren, has been out of a job for nearly four months after Governor DeSantis ousted him for joint statements regarding the prosecution of cases. 

Warren entered federal court Tuesday to fight for his job back.

Warren said, “it’s been 117 days since the governor suspended democracy and we are excited to finally have our day in court.”

The first day of the trial comes nearly four months since DeSantis held a surprise press conference announcing the suspension.

The trial kicked off with opening arguments with both sides chocked full of exhibits highlighting tweets and news coverage.

Warren was first to testify, going back and forth with attorneys for nearly three hours continuously repeating DeSantis’ move was a violation of his first amendment rights.

“As I’ve said from the beginning, there is so much more at stake than my job,” Warren said. We’re fighting for free speech, for the integrity of our elections, and the very values of our democracy.”

Warren went on to add that the guiding principle for prosecutors is being able to use discretion when considering the circumstances of cases.

The trial will meet again at 9 a.m. and is expected to last several days possibly even extend into next week.