ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — The autopsy of Tyre Sampson, the teen who died after he fell from the Free Fall ride at ICON Park, shows he had a number of extensive injuries and died from blunt forced trauma.

WESH 2 News reported the autopsy showed the 14-year-old suffered serious internal injuries, as well as injuries to his head, neck and torso after falling more than 70 feet.

Those injuries included a broken arm, a broken leg, a fractured jaw and several fractured ribs.

The death was ruled an accident, according to WESH.

The ride’s weight limit for a rider was 287 pounds. The autopsy reportedly showed the teen was 383 pounds. A ride safety analyst said he should never have been allowed to get on the ride.

In March, an examination of the ride found Tyre’s seat had been manually loosened and he was not properly secured.

The ride remains closed while the investigation continues.

“The loss of Tyre Sampson was a tragic accident.  We continue to communicate and cooperate with representatives of Tyre’s family, as well as the Department of Agriculture.   We are devoted to working with our lawmakers in making lasting safety changes in the amusement park industry,” Trevor Arnold, an attorney for Orlando Slingshot said in a statement to News Channel 8.