ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) — On Wednesday, family members of Miya Marcano, who was found dead in a wooded area over the weekend, revealed more about the state her home was initially found in and how she appeared when her body was discovered.

Family attorney Daryl Washington confirmed to our affiliate WESH 2 that Marcano had tape around her wrists and feet, as well as tape on her mouth, when her body was discovered.

According to a news release from the law firm representing the family, family members knew “something was wrong” as soon as the 19-year-old did not get on the flight she was supposed to be on on Sept. 24. They requested a welfare check and a deputy went out to the Arden Villas apartment complex.

The following was discovered while searching Miya’s apartment:

  • Miya’s door had a mini dresser that prevented access from the front of her bedroom door;
  • Entry into Miya’s room had to be done via her back window; and
  • The deputy noticed the window had been tampered with

According to the law firm, the deputy then left and “the family didn’t hear back with any information about what the deputy intended to do.”

The next day, family members said they found a box cutter in the apartment that did not belong to Marcano.

A short time later, family members confirm they ran into Armando Caballero, a maintenance man at the Arden Villas who would eventually become a suspect in Marcano’s case.

Caballero reportedly asked Miya’s aunt “are you looking for Miya?” Video given to WESH 2 apparently shows part of this encounter.

“The family questioned Caballero and immediately knew he had something to do with their daughter’s disappearance,” the release stated. “They reported to the deputy who was now on scene that a key fob dropped out of Caballero’s lap as he got out of the car, he had Miya’s blanket and a black backpack in his car and the family caught him in several lies regarding his encounters with Miya. The recently released video shows the deputy politely allowing Caballero to get in his car and leave.”

According to the law firm, a security guard attempted to give deputies fingerprints he lifted from Marcano’s window but deputies laughed, refused, and said, “this isn’t a high-priority case.”

According to the release from the law firm, family members pleaded with the apartment office manager to show them camera footage and investigate key fob information, but the manager refused.

“The family indicated that the way they were treated by the office manager was disheartening, and they felt like she was irritated with their request for help. What’s more disappointing is that the deputy told the family that if they had not heard from their daughter by Tuesday, they would come out and view the cameras and read the key fob,” the release stated.

Caballero was found dead two days later.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said Caballero expressed a romantic interest in Marcano which was repeatedly denied by the teenager.

He had a universal key that could let him in any unit. The maintenance master key fob that Caballero used was swiped to enter Miya’s apartment 30 minutes before she was set to get off of work.

Washington said apartment management had an ability to electronically track the universal key fob Caballero used to enter Marcano’s unit, but the manager didn’t know he was there, not understanding how the equipment worked.