TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Three bears and an African serval now call Forest Animal Rescue in Silver Springs home.

“King” is a mid-sized African serval that was bred in captivity and sold to be a wild pet, according to the sanctuary. The person who bought King was unable to handle him and he began to grow within a year.

“[The buyer] quickly realized he had made a serious mistake. King was less than a year old and [was] already showing aggression toward humans,” Forest Animal Rescue said.

King will live the rest of his life at the sanctuary, with the company of other servals in a non-breeding, accredited setting.

(Courtesy: Forest Animal Rescue)

After King’s rescue, Forest Animal Rescue got a call about three young bears. The sanctuary works with wildlife officials to rehabilitate and release black bear cubs.

According to the sanctuary, the bear program manager from the State of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries called for assistance.

A mother bear was hit by a car, leaving three cubs orphaned, too small to survive alone, as they were still nursing. The bears were malnourished and in need to medical attention.

Forest Animal Rescue met one of the biologists from Louisiana at the Florida state line and drove them six hours to the sanctuary.

The bears will receive nutrition and veterinary care to restore their strength. They do not see or interact with humans, according to the sanctuary.

The cubs are named Iris, June and Kyle. In the spring, they will be released by into the wild in Louisiana.