TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued its third travel advisory Wednesday, citing the recent passage of SB 1718 which, among other provisions, requires large employers to verify worker citizenships.

The law, once in effect would suspend the license of those who knowingly hire undocumented employees.

LULAC president Domingo Garcia said his advocacy group “believes that these hostile and dangerous new laws create a clear and present danger to Latinos in Florida and to Americans in general.”

Garcia added that the bill is immoral and stokes fear and division.

“I think that the travel advisory is a wake-up call for those who have not utilized their ability to vote,” LULAC Florida State Director David Sinclair said.

The League said Governor Ron DeSantis is turning immigrants into “political piñatas.”

“I have been to at least one recent meeting in which individuals have been concerned about the status,” said Sinclair. “Even those who are documented.”

But supporters of the bill say it will help the country’s border and immigration crisis.

“People say, ‘Florida, you’re not on the border, what do you care?'” DeSantis said at a press conference. “We had an illegal alien drive a front loader at a construction site that killed a sheriff’s deputy.”

A couple months ago, the Florida Immigrant Coalition and Equality Florida each issued travel advisories for the state, and the Florida chapter of the NAACP asked the national board to issue a travel advisory.

“We want businesses to hire citizens and legal immigrants,” DeSantis said. “But we want them to follow the law and not use illegal immigrants.”

The League says the bill is already causing confusion among workers that are crucial to the state’s economy.

“Our concern, and Domingo’s concern,” explained Sinclair, “Is that family members of Latinos who are traveling in Florida will be racially profiled.”

The League said they’re looking at filing a lawsuit in federal court when the law takes effect.

“Divisiveness is not a way to move the state of Florida forward,” Sinclair said. “We are an inclusive community and we support inclusiveness.”

The bill is set to take effect on July 1.