TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Halloween is here, and while goblins, ghouls and vampires are scary, there are things even more terrifying to Floridians.

While some of the things on this list may go bump in the night, others can have you sitting in traffic for hours, smelly something fishy or sweating it out with no relief in sight.

1. Broken A/C

While many areas up north are enjoying cool, fall temperatures for their Halloween celebrations and trick-or-treating festivities, the same can’t be said for here in Florida. The high temperature here in Tampa this Halloween was a warm 87 degrees! If the air conditioner in your car – or even worse, your home, isn’t working, just opening your windows might not offer too much of a relief. Terrifying!

2. Hurricanes

With the devastation of Hurricane Ian only just a little over a month behind us, it’s safe to say hurricanes are always a worry on a Floridian’s mind, no matter where you live in the state. From the stress of preparing for the storm, to watching spaghetti models change with what can seem like every update from the National Hurricane Center, to hunkering down not knowing how your area and home may be affected, hurricanes are one of the scariest things in Florida.

3. Gators

If you come across a body of water in Florida, including swimming pools, always assume there may be an alligator swimming or sunbathing nearby and look before you leap! And if you’re a University of Florida fan, “Gators” may be especially scary for you this season!

4. I-4 Traffic

Some days, it doesn’t matter what time you leave to head to Plant City, Lakeland or Orlando, I-4 is always backed up for one reason or another. Heading to Disney World with a car full of excited kids ready to see Mickey Mouse and you’re trapped in what feels like a parking lot near Champion’s Gate? We understand your fear.

5. Sharks

While you might not need a bigger boat, many species of sharks call Tampa Bay area waters home, and they’re a fear for many beachgoers. From black-tipped sharks, to bonnet head sharks found in Tampa Bay, to bull sharks, hammerheads and whale sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s very possible you’ll see a fin in the surf here in Florida.

6. Love Bugs

Sometimes, the most terrifying things in Florida come in pairs, and that means love bugs. The species of march fly come around twice a year in April and May, then again in August and September. Love can be in the air… but it can also be splattered all over your car, too. When it’s time to face your fear, be sure to check out our guide on how to protect your property and get things clean from love bugs.

7. Spring Breakers

While usually most Tampa Bay area school districts go on spring break at the same time of the year, there’s always northerners to think about from all districts and colleges, too! If you’re looking to head to a Florida beach or a theme park in the months of March and April and you’re terrified of crowds, be wary of spring breakers!

8. Pollen

When you’re living in Florida, it seems like there’s no escaping pollen season. From oak and pine season, to grass pollen season, ragweed and more, if you’re prone to allergies, pollen might be what you’re most afraid of here in Florida, if you can stop sneezing long enough to be scared, that is.