BOYTON BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — Six Florida elementary school students needed medical attention after they came in contact with the Paqui ‘One Chip Challenge’ snack on Wednesday, according to a father NBC affiliate WPTV spoke with.

D’Anton Patrick told the news station that his son bought the chip from a Boyton Beach Walgreens on Tuesday, but his mother found it and made him throw it away.

“The box says keep out of the hands of children. It says it’s for adult consumption only. Why are y’all selling it to a 12-year-old child?” Patrick told the television station.

Patrick said his 10-year-old daughter took the tortilla chip out of the trash and brought it to Forest Park Elementary School. Now she is suspended for a week.

The suspension letter reads: “(student’s name) brought an extremely hot chip “one chip challenge” and some students had adverse effects and were sent to the nurse, 6 students involved.”

“I’m worried about the six kids because they consumed the chip,” Patrick told WPTV. “It could’ve been a younger child 2–3-year-old, imagine them eating the chip.”

Angela Cruz Ledford, a spokeswoman on behalf of the School District, told the news station that the district does not want to disclose any information about potential medical situations to protect student privacy.

She did say that student safety and well-being is the school district’s top priority.

Patrick told the news station that he wants businesses like Walgreens to require an ID before they sell the chip.

“You’ve got to have restrictions on this type of stuff, especially if it’s detrimental to the kids,” Patrick said.

In a statement to WPTV, Walgreens said it is removing the product from its stores.

Paqui announced that it has pulled its “One Chip Challenge” products from store shelves as officials in Massachusetts investigate the cause of death of a 14-year-old boy who ate one of the spicy chips hours before he died.