TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — While crews were inspecting a stormwater pipe in Florida, they found an unexpected visitor — a 5-foot-long gator.

A stormwater crew in Oviedo was investigating a series of potholes that appeared in the roadway on May 5.

While they were investigating, they sent a robot into a pipe to see if there were any anomalies under the roadway. That’s when they came across the gator.

Crews said they thought the gator was a toad at first. But when the alligator turned around, they saw its long tail.

The crew said they decided to follow the gator through the pipes. They followed it for about 340 feet but the robot got stuck on a little indentation and the alligator meandered off.

“Just another reason not to go wandering down into the Stormwater pipes! Thank goodness our crews have a robot,” officials said.