TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Three women and a 4-year-old girl were murdered in a shooting at an Orlando home, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday.

The sheriff’s office said the bodies were found at a home on Myers Drive Friday around 4 a.m. after an injured woman ran to a neighbor’s house and said she had been shot.

Sheriff John Mina said Shavell Jordan Jones, 23, got into an argument with his girlfriend the night before and began removing his things from the home.

Mina said after he took his belongings out of the house, Jones went back in and started shooting his girlfriend’s family — killing her, her 49-year-old mother, her sister, and a 4-year-old girl, who was said to be the 49-year-old’s granddaughter.

“It’s never easy to make sense of these tragedies,” the sheriff said. “I’m a father. I can’t imagine or fathom such an incident involving my loved ones.”

All of the victims were shot in the head, according to authorities.

The sheriff said Jones also shot a third sister who survived her injuries and managed to get help from a neighbor. She was taken to a hospital for treatment.

“Two other children, a 4 and 6-year-old, were found in the home,” Mina said. “They had hid under their blankets when the shooting starts, and thankfully, we found them unharmed in the home.”

According to Mina, the sister who survived was the mother of the murdered child and the surviving children.

(Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office)

Deputies found Jones alive with “an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.” Mina said Jones was undergoing surgery for the injury.

The sheriff said the suspect has no criminal history aside from failure to appear for a misdemeanor charge. Deputies also said Jones had no history of domestic or dating violence at the home.

If Jones survives his injury, he will be charged with the family’s murders, Mina said.