TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Hurricane Ian and its devastating effects were felt a month ago, as it came barreling in to Florida as a Category 4 storm.

A new study by Texas prepaid electricity company “Payless Power,” surveyed 302 people who moved to Florida within the last four years to hear about their experiences.

“We wanted to understand how Florida transplants responded to the storm and whether Hurricane Ian impacted their desire to continue living in Florida,” the study’s website said.

According to the study, 84% of the “Florida transplants” surveyed experienced home damage, though the majority of them did not lose power. Of those who did not evacuate ahead of the storm, Payless Power’s study said over half of them, 55%, regretted not evacuating.

The study also found that out of the 302 Florida transplants surveyed, 38% of them regretted ever moving to Florida.

While some regretted staying in the state during the storm, others, 26% of respondents, said they felt more confident after Hurricane Ian, and 29% said experiencing it made them feel like a “true Floridian.”

More information and further statistics can be found on Payless Power’s website.