ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — Three Florida men were arrested on several charges after allegedly kidnapping and beating a man bloody to get a ransom, according to court documents.

Court documents said on Nov. 26, a woman called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to report that her boyfriend’s roommate, 19-year-old Marcos Caraballo of Orlando, texted her a photo of her boyfriend tied up and bleeding.

Caraballo allegedly demanded that she send $500 to a CashApp account belonging to his friend, 25-year-old Dylan Telleria of Orlando, to pay for his boyfriend’s rent or he would kill him, authorities said.

The girlfriend sent $93 to the account until she could get more money to pay the ransom and then called the sheriff’s office for help.

Deputies were dispatched to the boyfriend’s home on Bindu Street in Orlando when they saw movement inside the home and the lights go out.

“At that time, [the victim’s girlfriend] updated deputies on scene that she just received a phone call from [Caballaro] informing her that he knows she just sent the cops to his house then hung up the phone,” arrest documents said.

A neighbor told deputies she saw the victim getting dragged into his home at gunpoint before they arrived.

Documents said upon entering the home, deputies found the victim along with Caraballo and Alexis Torres III, 20, of Orlando, another suspect.

A detective spoke with the victim at the emergency room and learned that he was ambushed after being lured to the home.

“Upon arrival, he was immediately beaten up (punched, kicked, & hit with a piece of wood (2×4), hammer, and cord) by Telleria, Caraballo, Torres III, and an individual he only [knew] as ‘Chrome,'” the arrest affidavit said.

According to the interview with the victim, Caraballo pointed a gun at him and demanded $500. When the victim said he didn’t have the money, that’s when Caraballo contacted the victim’s girlfriend.

Deputies said when they searched the home, they found a gun, the victim’s shirt, a hammer, a 2×4, and Caraballo’s cellphone.

When the first two suspects were interviewed, Caraballo refused to speak, but Torres provided incriminating information on himself and the three other suspects, the affidavit said.

Telleria was arrested days later on Dec. 5 for his alleged involvement.

The three suspects were charged with kidnapping, extortion, and aggravated battery. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office did not mention the suspect known as “Chrome” when 8 On Your Side requested information on the case.