TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A 13-year-old stabbed his mother to death in their South Florida apartment in front of an infant around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, according to police.

The Hialeah Police Department said the teenage boy, who is in 8th grade, called the police saying that he just murdered his mom, NBC affiliate WTVJ reported.

When officers arrived at the apartment, they found the 39-year-old mother dead in her bedroom, next to a crib with her 14-day-old baby, according to WTVJ.

The newborn was unharmed.

“This is heartbreaking, I never would have imagined something like this, a 13-year-old child taking his mother’s life,” Hialeah Police spokesman Eddie Rodriguez said in a statement obtained by WTVJ. “It’s a very sad story.”

WTVJ reported that the boy also took photos of his mom’s body and sent them to a friend over social media, admitting to killing her.

Rodriguez said the mother’s husband, the teen’s step-dad was out of town when the killing happened, as he is a truck driver who was on his way home.

Police arrested the teen and is expected to face a second-degree murder charge, according to WTVJ.

“He did not say why he did this, all he did was call 911 and advised what he did,” Rodriguez said.

WTVJ sources said the boy called the police because he was afraid he was also going to hurt the newborn and himself.

Officials are still investigating the crime.