CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (WFLA) — A record amount of pure cocaine washed ashore three weeks ago at world-famous Cape Canaveral, home of many launch pads.

Officials say it may have been dumped by smugglers.

It started with one package of a suspicious-looking white substance found by a sea turtle nesting surveyor on the beach at the Cape.

When law enforcement arrived and started looking, officers found 24 of those packages, scattered along the beach in the very shadow of the world-famous launch pads.

“This will be the biggest one that we’ve ever had at Patrick Space Force Base in the entire recorded history,” Lt. Col. Timothy McCarty said.

The packages added up to 30 kilograms, about $1.2 million worth. Drug agents speculate that it could have been dumped by smugglers trying to evade law enforcement.

From Miami to Jacksonville, millions of dollars more of cocaine was found at around the same time late last month during a prolonged period of onshore wind. The packages have symbols and pictures, including oatmeal labels, believed to be a way for recipients to identify them.

“It feels great that along the whole stretch of Florida that this much came up and didn’t get in the hands of bad people,” McCarty said.