TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Data from the Florida Department of Health shows Emergency Medical Service crews responded to over 19,000 suspected opioid-involved overdoses from January to June of this year.

As of this month, a Narcan nasal spray is now available for over-the-counter purchases at pharmacies nationwide.

“We need all of the tools in the toolbox to fight this opioid crisis,” said Jennifer Webb.

Webb is the Chief Executive Officer at Live Tampa Bay, an organization that works to reduce opioid deaths in the community. She told 8 On Your Side Narcan is something she doesn’t leave her home without.

“I do keep it in my purse because you never know,” she shared.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report the overdose-reversal drug is a life-saving medication that blocks the effects opioids can have on a person’s body.

Webb has put the medication to use.

“I was literally walking to a meeting when someone on the street in one of our downtown cities said, ‘Hey I think this person is going into an overdose, does somebody have Narcan?’ and I was quickly able to pass it over to them and while they revived them, I called police,” Webb said.

Hopes are accessibility to the medication will increase with its over-the-counter approval. Costs for the medication could be under $45 for a two-dose box, according to its manufacturer.

Live Tampa Bay says their mission is to help overdose victims long-term.

“We can begin to turn the tide on these numbers, but we don’t want to stop there we want to make sure that we’re actually creating healthy people, healthy families and connecting people to care when they do overdose but you can’t get someone into recovery when they’re dead.”