TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — You’ll need a lot of luck to rake in a Florida Lottery prize worth one million dollars or more, but there’s no use in hoping for the grand prize if it’s already gone.

To stretch your odds of winning, WFLA.com has compiled a list of the most unclaimed top lottery prizes worth $1 million or more across the entire Florida Lottery lineup.

The game with the most unclaimed top prizes worth $1 million or more was the $1 Million a Year for Life Spectacular. The game had 175 top prizes remaining out of the total 234.

You can find our full list below:

Game NameTop PrizeTop Prizes RemainingTicket Cost
$1M YR/LIFE SPEC$1,000,000175 of 234$50.00
GOLD RUSH LIMITED$1,000,00030 of 100$20.00
$5 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER$1,000,00015 of 28$5.00
FLORIDA 300X THE CASH$1,000,00014 of 24$30.00
$5M CROSSWORD CASH$1,000,00012 of 12$20.00
GOLD RUSH LIMITED$5,000,0009 of 32$20.00
$20 MONOPOLY DOUBLER$1,000,0007 of 16$20.00
THE PRICE IS RIGHT$1,000,0006 of 8$5.00
PAYDAY BONUS$2,000,0005 of 8$10.00
500X THE CASH$1,000,0005 of 160*$50.00
$5M CROSSWORD CASH$5,000,0004 of 4$20.00
FLORIDA 100X THE CASH$2,000,0004 of 8$10.00
$10 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER$2,000,0004 of 8$10.00
$20 MONOPOLY DOUBLER$5,000,0003 of 8$20.00
FLORIDA 300X THE CASH$15,000,0003 of 4$30.00
$5,000,000 CASHWORD$1,000,0003 of 24$20.00
$5 MONOPOLY DOUBLER$1,000,0003 of 12$5.00
MYSTERY MULTIPLIER$1,000,0003 of 10$10.00
100X THE CASH$2,000,0002 of 8$10.00
$10 MONOPOLY DOUBLER$2,000,0002 of 8$10.00
$2MM BONUS CASHWORD$2,000,0002 of 8$10.00
$1,000,000 HOLIDAY WINNINGS$1,000,0002 of 6$5.00
SEVEN FIGURES$1,000,0002 of 4$5.00
DIAMOND MINE 20X$1,000,0002 of 4$10.00
$1M YR/LIFE SPEC$1MM/YR/LF (MIN 25)2 of 2$50.00
50X THE CASH$1,000,0002 of 12$5.00
FLORIDA 50X THE CASH$1,000,0001 of 4$5.00
(Florida Lottery)

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