TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Everybody wants to be a winner when it comes to the lottery, but the listed jackpot isn’t exactly what you get if you do have the lucky numbers.

While Friday’s drawing for $640 million is big, if you win the jackpot in Florida, you’ll take home different amounts depending on how you choose to take the cash.

As with normal lotteries, there are two options for taking home the prize: lump sum in cash, or through annual payments.

Florida doesn’t have an income tax, so you only end up paying Uncle Sam for the jackpot. Still, the tax rate on income over $500,000 is 37%, federally. Taking the cash option, according to Mega Millions, would give you $328.3 million before taxes. After tax, you’re looking at roughly $207 million.

Choosing annual payments instead, which guarantees money every year for 30 years, winners can take home more overall.

For Floridians who choose an annuity plan instead, the net profit for winning the lottery is a bit over $404.3 million, meaning winners lose about $236 million instead, going by calculations from USAMega, a lottery analysis website.

Right out of the gate, with the annual payments, Florida winners would take home $6.1 million after taxes in the first year. Every year after, the payments get larger, with the final payment coming in at about $25 million after tax.

The current jackpot won’t be drawn again until Friday, so there’s still time for the winning amount to grow as more people buy lottery tickets. The drawing will be at 11 p.m.