TAMPA BAY, Fla. (WFLA) — Driver’s licenses and ID cards are getting a makeover in Florida.

The new cards will show the state seal and the letters “FL” on a white background on the front. The back of the card features an outline of the state, ocean waves and 1845 – the year Florida became the 27th state.

Photos of the cardholder will be displayed in four different locations on the card, and will be printed with a transparent background.

According to the Florida DMV, the new design almost doubles the amount of fraud protection for cardholders by using redundant data, ultraviolet ink and optically variable features.

Cards will have designated header colors to indicate the type of license it is. Credentials for people under the age of 21 will also feature a red box that displays the date the cardholder will be 21 until.

The new design features designations, or indicators that show the cardholder is a veteran, organ donor, developmentally disabled or deaf/hard of hearing. There are also designations for lifetime sportsman’s, boater, freshwater, saltwater and hunting licenses.

There will also be indicators to identify sexual predators and sexual offenders on the front of the cards.

The new credentials will be available at select service centers starting in August. They will be available at all service centers and available for online renewals by the end of December.

According to the DMV website, the new design will be available at the Bradenton service center on 301 Boulevard West starting August 28.

You will only have to replace your current license or ID card if it has expired or you need a name or address change.