JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WFLA) – After stumbling upon a message in a bottle that was written back in the ’80s, a Florida couple decided to set out and find who it belonged to.

While out doing their yearly neighborhood clean up in South Jacksonville, Shelia and Teben Pyles came across a bottle that read, “look inside,” NBC Affiliate WXII reported.

On the inside, a note was found with the name Ron Clark from Texas on it. With just a small piece of information, the couple knew they had to reunite the message to its owner.

“I was like, holy cow,” Teben Pyles told the outlet. After showing his wife the bottle, they opened it up to read the message: “If you are the person that found this bottle, please send a note to Ron Clark.” WXII reported that a Texas address was also included in the note.

In an attempt to find Ron Clark, Shelia took to Facebook to see if she could connect with Clark or someone who knew him.

“Based on the handwriting, we thought it was a child, and the bottle was aged, we thought around the ’80s,” Shelia told WXII. “So when I went on Facebook, because I was like, if it was a child, they probably don’t live at that address anymore. I don’t know that I want to send a letter,” she said.

After months of research and messages sent to several Ron Clarks, the couple was at a dead end; until a few weeks ago.

Shelia posted on Facebook that a neighbor of hers came across a Ronald Clark that used to live in Jacksonville, Florida, and also Texas like the note said, and is currently living in Mebane, North Carolina.

So, Shelia reached out on Facebook again and posted a picture of the letter and bottle in Mebane’s Community Facebook group with hopes that Ron Clark or someone who knew him would see the post.

“This may be. Long shot…,” Shelia wrote. “We stumbled across what we thought was trash and it was a message in a bottle. Upon research, we have not been able to locate this person. Another neighbor of mine came across a Ronald Clark that used to reside in Jacksonville Florida and also Texas like the note says and is currently living in Mebane, NC. We are unable to find a person with this name to be from the area to have a Facebook account so we could reach out about the message. So we are reaching out to see if anyone in this area may know this person?”

It turns out that Ron Clark Sr. lives in Mebane, and his son, also named Ron Clark, lives in Texas. Clark, now 49, said he was at his grandparents’ house in Florida when he threw the message in the bottle into the St. Johns River, where the Pyles live now.

“My stepmom, Deborah, reached out to me and was like, ‘Hey, is this you?'” Ron Clark told WXII.

“I thought I was gonna get something from, you know, Argentina, in a letter form and you know, something miraculous within, you know, five years,” Clark said.

He added, “this isn’t condoning littering or sticking things in bottles and tossing them out. This was more of a mindset of an adventurous, you know, 10 or 11-year-old, trying to send something out into the world and have to come back from hopefully far away.”

You know what they say, everything happens for a reason, and for the Pyles, they decided to send a message in a bottle of their own.

WXII stated that the couple’s nephew died years ago and to honor him, their family threw a message in a bottle with his dog tags in it.

“You know, what is it that’s being communicated here, and I’m not spooky, weird, but it’s just, there’s always things where things show up like that. It was just out of all the people in the swamp that day, I found the message in the bottle,” Teben Pyles told the outlet.

According to the station, the Pyles plan on sending the bottle to Ron and his family in Texas.