TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Tampa Police Department is working to decrease violent crime while acknowledging there is still work to be done.

According to Tampa Police Capt. Travis Maus, 80% of all gunshots go unreported.

To address the issue, Maus said his agency has been using ShotSpotter, a gunshot detection system that pinpoints exactly where the shots takes place.

“ShotSpotter is one tool in our what’s called a crime intelligence center,” Maus said.  “We’re already seeing a decrease in shootings in the ShotSpotter area.

The technology has been used in one neighborhood in East Tampa since 2019, according to Maus. And according to the department, it is reducing crime in the area.

Police responded to a deadly shooting in Tampa earlier this month after getting a notification from ShotSpotter. Last October, Tampa police said Orange Grove Middle School was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting, and ShotSpotter detected the gunfire before police were called to the scene.

Maus said ShotSpotter has not only played a countless role in reducing crime in Tampa, but is also saving lives. Now the focus is getting the community involved.

“To reengage and build trust with a community where we may have lacked it before because when the community is engaged, they will deter the potential shooter tell them to put the gun down,” said Ron Teachman, the Director of Public Safety Solutions at SoundThinking. “That determent effect with community support is the most effective way to address gun violence.”

One community leader, Dr. Jeffery Johnson believes ShotSpotter has been helpful, but is marginalizing those in the community since it’s only really being used there. He said he’s called for more community policing.