MILWAUKEE, Wi. (WFLA) – A Milwaukee father of three is coming home a little richer after sinking a half-court shot at the Milwaukee Bucks game last Monday.

Germelle Scott Sr. said he was at the game to celebrate his 7-year-old son Germelle Scott Jr., who has sickle cell anemia.

Scott Jr. was being honored at the game by the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund (MACC) as its star of the year.

When Scott was approached by Fiserv employees who asked if he wanted to try to make the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino Jackpot Shot, Scott said he couldn’t resist.

Although he played in high school, Scott told WISN that he hadn’t picked up a basketball since 2015.

After warming up by making a layup, free throw, and a three-point shot, he sank the half-court shot and won $10,000 in doing so.

Outside of hitting the money shot, Scott said that his favorite memory of the night was seeing his son on the jumbotron.

“I was just thinking if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here right now, so yeah he’s going to have a nice Christmas,” Scott told WISN. “I checked the recording. He was cheering, saying, ‘Daddy made it. Daddy made it. Daddy made it.”

According to the outlet, Scott works two jobs to help provide for his family. He said that in addition to getting them nice Christmas presents this year, he’s going to use the rest of the money to start his own business.