(WBAY) – You’re scrolling through your Facebook feed when your eye catches a great offer: 75 percent off your purchase at Kohl’s!

It’s too good to be true.

A fake Kohl’s coupon is once again making the rounds on social media.

It promises you can get $75 off a purchase of $80 or more. This one says the offer is valid until “May 31-Tuesday 2016.”

The Facebook post instructs you to click a link and share it to Facebook in order to get the coupon.

However, this coupon was not posted by Kohl’s and will not be accepted by the store.

Here’s a trick to spotting a fake: take a look at the internet address on the coupon. This one says WWW.KOHLS.COM-AR.COM. That’s not the address to Kohl’s website.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: