Belleair, Fla (WFLA) –  The historic Belleview Biltmore hotel is getting an entirely new look and purpose and we’re taking you for an exclusive look inside.

The 120-year-old Queen Anne style Victorian hotel will become the Belleview Inn – the centerpiece of the new Belleview Place residential community.

News Channel 8 got an exclusive inside look at the facility being redesigned by JMC Design and Development.

JMC Superintendent Steve Wood said they plan to preserve as much of the old structure as they can. A lot, he said, will have to be removed. He said the company is preserving as much of the original wood as possible from the structure.

The Biltmore was moved 320 feet on December 21st as part of preparations for Belleview Place construction. The move took several hours and was accomplished by putting 47 computerized carts underneath the salvaged hotel.

The company said the Biltmore will become the longest continuously operating Henry B. Plant-built hotel when renovations are completed by mid-2018.

Inside, you can see most of the walls have been stripped down. Most of the wood flooring will be salvaged. Fireplaces will be restored, but not operable.

It will take a little more than a year for it to be completely redone.

Check out our photos from the tour.


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