GIZA, Egypt (WFLA/NBC) – Potentially deadly temperatures in Egypt have zookeepers pulling out lots of cold treats to keep animals safe and happy this summer.

The Giza Zoo, which opened I the 19th century, has been experiencing steady temperatures over 90-degrees.

The zoo has taken three measures to protect the animals from the heat.

Those measures include changing their diets, installing water access in the housing areas and altering their daily routine.

Giza Zoo was once among the crown jewels of African zoos, but it has been beset with problems in recent years.

The zoo was commissioned by Egypt’s royal family and opened in 1891 to showcase imported flowers, exotic plants and a huge exhibition of African wildlife.

However, Egypt has a poor track record when it comes to animal welfare.

The country came under intense criticism in 2009 for ordering the slaughter of its entire pig herd of nearly 400,000 animals as a precaution against swine flu.