Edward Covington has been sentenced to death for the “Mother’s Day Massacre” killings of his girlfriend and her two children after he was found guilty on all three counts of first-degree murder.

Covington confessed to the murder, mutilation, and dismemberment of his girlfriend Lisa Freiberg, her two kids, 7-year-old Zachary and 2-year-old Savannah, and the family dog on Mother’s Day of 2008.

Covington admitted his guilt in open court last year when his trial was scheduled to start, and told the judge he wished to change his plea to guilty.

Gruesome details of the crime were read aloud in court, Covington explaining to the judge he remembers brutally killing the children. Covington gave his own chilling account of how he committed the murders, telling the judge he strangled Lisa Freiberg, then killed 2-year-old Savannah, he then killed 7-year-old Zachary.

Barbara Freiberg mother of Lisa Freiberg and grandmother of Zachary and Savannah said, “There is a relief that he is going to get what he gave my children, there is that relief, I just wish there wasn’t going to be a whole bunch of appeals.”

Lisa’s father Keith Freiberg said, “It is one of those things, you wonder why it takes so long, you scratch your head and you wonder what you can do to speed things up, but it is the way it is.”

After hearing the facts, the guilty plea was granted. Covington waived his right to the insanity plea and the right to a jury for the penalty phase, saying that he wants Judge Fuente to determine his fate. The state asked for the death penalty.

Shawn Freiberg, Lisa’s brother said, “I am happy with the verdict and life will go on and Lisa and Zachary and Savannah will be remembered in our hearts and in our heads.”

Covington has 30 days to appeal the death sentences.

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