TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — There is perhaps no better way to see your child grow than to capture their photo each year on the first day of school. It may seem like an innocent thing, but safety experts and law enforcement are warning parents to think twice before doing so.

Ahead of the first day of school, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office urged parents not to post detailed back-to-school photos of their kids.

The sheriff’s office said predators are searching social media for information they can use to take advantage of you or your child.

“Parents love to take photos of their kids on the first day while holding cute premade signs that outline their child’s name, age, grade, and other physical descriptors, along with the school their child attends, their teacher’s name, and believe it or not, even the location of their classroom,” the sheriff’s office said.

When taking your child’s photo, the sheriff’s office said you should make sure words, uniform logos, and signage that would reveal identifying information, such as your house number, license plate, name of your neighborhood and child’s bus stop location, are not in view.

“All these pieces make a puzzle that a predator can use to take advantage of your child,” the agency said.