A kindness campaign is being hailed a huge success at a Tampa elementary school, with a goal of creating a climate where it would be difficult for a bully to thrive.

Gorrie Elementary kicked off the “Kindness is Cool” initiative at the start of the year with a nationally renowned motivational speaker visiting the campus, and continued the campaign all year long with students  themselves performing acts of kindness.

“So we want to start those habit very very young and very early – so they become part of their character for life,” said Gorrie Principal, Majorie Sandler.

The school partnered with Framework, a non-profit that helps schools and summer programs come up popular programs like Gorrie’s Girls Leadership.

The year-long program that takes place on select days before school attracted nearly 100 students.

“It’s a preventative thing. If girls can understand at an early age what it looks like, then they know they don’t want to be bullies, and they don’t want to be bullied. So, this program is a preventative measure at an early age so they don’t get to middle school or high school and have these sorts of confrontations,” said teacher and mom Michele LaVoie.

Parents agree and embrace the idea because they want their children in an environment where they can thrive.

Jennifer Pope pulled her child out of private school and enrolled her at Gorrie while searching for a school environment that does not tolerate bullies.

“If a child is not anxious, and nervous to attend school, they can better focus on their academics and making friends,” said mom Jennifer Pope.

For many parents it’s not the scars on the outside that they worry about, it’s scar on the inside from being a victim of bullies that they fear the most.   The hope is by creating an environment where bullies cannot thrive, a school can curb this dangerous behavior before it ever takes root.