There is a massive data breach involving the personal information of students involved in the Florida Virtual School program.

A statement from FLVS says the breach likely occurred between May 6, 2016, and Feb. 12, 2018, but it wasn’t reported until last Friday.

The breach may have impacted more than 368,000 current and former students and up to 2,000 teachers at the school.

Parent Donna Hall is concerned because her children are involved in the program.

“So did it give out addresses? So do they know how old my children are and where we live? Yea, that worries me quite a bit,” said Hall.

FLVS says school records including students names, dates of birth, school account numbers, their usernames and passwords as well as parent’s names and emails were compromised by the breach.

FLVS is now offering free identity protection services to students, former students and others who were impacted by the incident.

Cyber Security expert Dwayne Denny with Data Specialist Group says parents should take immediate steps to protect their children.

“So the first thing you want to do is, if you are a parent, contact all three of the credit reporting bureaus and tell them you want to lock down your child’s account. So they can put a lock on your child’s account so that no credit can be applied to using that social security number,” said Denny

The school released this statement:

FLVS also contacted Leon County Schools and notified the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). FLVS is continuing its internal investigation and is fully cooperating with law enforcement agencies as they seek to apprehend those responsible for this crime.”

The statement also offers contact information for anyone who is concerned their accounts were compromised:

The offer is available to students whose information was in the FLVS database from May 2, 2016, to February 12, 2018, when this incident occurred. Qualifying students or their parents can learn more and sign up for identity protection services at this website or by calling (888) 829-6553. Students should reference engagement number DB05741.”