TAMPA, FL (WFLA)- Davis Islands in Tampa has two frequently used dog parks. One of them is a pooch paradise that has sand and easy access to the water. Sunday, something went terribly wrong for a yellow lab at the dog park.

Dramatic cell phone video shows the dog just after it had been pulled from the water and a bystander started giving the dog CPR. As this was happening, a fire truck and crew from Tampa Fire Rescue Station 17 happened to be driving by. “Somebody came running out flagging us down. I had the driver stop, roll down the window and he said there is a dog that stopped breathing, can you come help us,” said Captain Tim Hayes of Station 17.

As firefighters approached the dog, a witness told them the lab had problems after entering the water. “The report was from one of the witnesses that the dog was chasing a ball, went out in the water and just went under water, so they went out and grabbed the dog, pulled him in, he wasn’t breathing and somebody there started CPR,” said Hayes.

The fire, rescue team used oxygen equipment designed for humans, to help the dog. “We were able to use one of the human masks to put over the dog to make it work, but our rescue cars carry the special equipment for the dogs,” said Hayes. Hayes says fire department policy normally prevents them from responding to K9 calls, but this case was an exception.

” Because we were in the area, because we were driving by and we were flagged down, we were able to render aide,” said Hayes. After the CPR from the bystander and oxygen for about four minutes, the dog responded and was then taken to a local vet. The dogs owner reports her pet is now doing just fine, thanks to all of the help.