MIAMI, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis couldn’t help but smirk Monday after his response to a reporter’s question about former President Donald Trump received a rousing ovation in Miami.

DeSantis was speaking to a crowd at Florida International University after signing his “Big Tech crackdown” bill into law on Monday morning. The new law is meant to punish tech companies that are accused of policing conservative thought.

A reporter in attendance at the event asked DeSantis a question about Trump, who was banned from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook in January for violation of their policies after the the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“I want to ask you about the bill you’re signing here today,” the unidentified reporter from the media pool said. “You’re a loyal supporter of President Donald Trump – for all purposes now, a resident in Florida – and he was de-platformed. Is this bill for him?”

The question was met immediately with jeers from the pro-DeSantis crowd that included many Latino students, staff and community leaders.

“The bill is for everyday Floridians,” DeSantis responded as attendees loudly scoffed at the question. “This is what we said. And it would allow any Floridian to be able to provide what they’re doing.”

The governor added, “I do think that’s another issue that has been brought to bare. When you de-platform the President of the United States, but you let Ayatollah Khomeini talk about killing Jews, that is wrong.”

The loud, standing ovation from the crowd served as a “mic drop” moment for DeSantis, who ended the press conference immediately afterwards.

Tweets from an account associated with former Iranian leader Khomeini have been condemned not just by the Jewish community but also by experts in the fields of human rights and internet policy who feel international leaders aren’t being held to the same standard as Trump was in January.

Twitter has taken some action against some of the Khomeini tweets, while others still remain published.