PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) – A Palm Harbor couple is facing child neglect charges after Pinellas County deputies say they were wasted when they took their 5-year-old to a bar.

Investigators say David and Deana Pulis lost track of the child and got into a fight with a manager.

The couple was at “de Bine Brewing Company” late Friday drinking. Management says they caught an Uber back to the bar Saturday morning, around midnight, with their child in tow. Bar staff says they told the couple no and tried to call them another Uber.

“It’s ridiculous. Completely irresponsible,” said one patron who was at the bar Saturday. “There was a woman who was quite inebriated.”

Investigators say while inside, Deana passed out on the bench and David lost track of the child, who was found ten minutes later behind the bar. The couple was then ordered to leave the bar by management.

Managers said it took a while for The Uber to show up. When it did, Deana Pulis got in the vehicle, but got out soon after and vomited in front of the bar.

Deputies say that’s when David Pulis attacked the manager and punched him in the face. The two then got into a physical altercation outside the bar.

When Pinellas County deputies arrived to question the couple, the witness said the conversation was going nowhere.

“These two couldn’t provide the cops or anybody there of a phone or name of somebody that the child could go home with,” the witness said. “So, the cops had no choice but to call DCF. But there was at least an hour of conceded effort to try and find a place for the kid to go.”

No one answered at the couple’s home Monday. Neighbors who live nearby were shocked.

“That is horrible news to hear. I can’t believe something like that would happen,” Greg Lyperides said.

David and Deana Pulis were arrested. The child was taken into DCF custody.

“I was angry and sad for the kid. People need to be more responsible and held accountable for their actions,” the patron said.

Both David and Deana have since bonded out of jail. It’s unclear at this time if the child is still in the custody of DCF.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-