CITRUS COUNTY, FL (WFLA) – A 3-month-old infant had to undergo brain surgery after being repeatedly beaten, choked, slapped and punched by a man, according to Citrus County Sheriff’s deputies. The baby’s mother didn’t do anything to help.

It happened in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago. CCSO deputies responded to a report of the baby injured, but when they arrived the 3-month-old girl had already been airlifetd to a hospital. Deputies got in touch with the hospital and the nurses told them that the tiny patient had to undergo brain surgery.

Doctors had to remove the top of her skull to get the blood off the brain and to place a pressure monitor inside the head. The baby was in critical condition after the surgery. The nurses said that the traumas that could have caused such injuries were not consistent withe the infant being dropped like the mother told them.

To investigate what happened to the girl, CCSO deputies went to the mother, Valerie Ann Reed, 20, and questioned her. She said that she lived with two brothers, Skylar Bennett, 22, and Brandon Bennett, 19.

She said she witnessed Skylar beat the little girl on several ocasions. She told the deputies that Skylar got upset with the baby one time and slapped the girl in the face with an open hand. Next time, he punched the girl with a fist in the face and shook her violently.

On the night before the baby had to be taken to a hospital by a helicopter, Skylar got angry with her and slapped and shook her again, because she wouldn’t stop crying. The next morning he shook and choked the girl for about 20 seconds with his hand, Reed said. The baby lost consiousness and was taken to the hospital.

Reed was arrested on the charges of Child Neglect with Great Bodily Harm. Deputies said that over the course of several weeks of Bennett beating her child, she never tried to call law enforcement or ambulance or take her daughter to the doctor. She was also charged with manufacturing and possession of drugs (Cannabis Wax) in the presence of a child and other drug charges. Brandon Bennett was taken to jail on similar charges.

Skylar Benner Bennett was charged with aggravated child abuse and five charges relating to the manufacturing and possession of a controlled substance and other drug possession charges.

Reed is in jail with no bond.

The little girl’s condition is still critical.