WICHITA, Kan. — A Wichita, Kansas father is celebrating the birth of his son while also grieving his wife’s death.

On Tuesday, 22-year-old Samantha Russell was an innocent victim killed in a crash at Central and Ridge Road following a police pursuit.

Russell was pregnant and her husband Brandon posted on Facebook holding his new son. The baby boy was delivered following the crash, and he’s healthy.

“Words cannot explain or express the emotions going through everyone’s head today in light of the events that took place on July 6th 2021 at around 5:30CST. Sammy was taken from us but left behind the most beautiful gift of life.

“Samantha was going to be a fantastic mother. She always had everything planned out and ready to go. She was driven and the hardest worker I knew. She always ALWAYS knew what to say when I was going through an issue or needed advice. She was the best person to know. From her bubbly attitude and being all over the place to her knowing when it was couch-thirty and time to watch Netflix,” Brandon wrote.

“She was an all around good person who did not deserve to die on impact from a reckless driver. She was the best example of what it looks like to be happy. She showed happiness to everyone and anyone that she knew. She will always be my wife and the person I turn to when I need advice or to ask another one of my dumb questions.

“I love you Samantha Russell. You are everything to me. With all that said I want anyone reading this to take a moment to cherish and love those special people around you while they are here that no one could ever replace because they mean so much to you. You never know what to expect everyday. Live everyday to your fullest.”

The couple has a baby registry online. There is also a GoFundMe for the family to pay for funeral, medical, and baby expenses.

(Photos Courtesy: Brandon Russell)

Wichita police say officers were trying to arrest robbery suspects near Maple and Ridge. Investigators say one of the suspects, 37-year-old Javan Ervin, took off driving and crashed into three vehicles at the intersection of Central and Ridge. Police said the chase was called off before the crash.

Jamie Chavez is also in custody in relation to that nearby robbery.

Wichita Police said the chase was called off due to high speed and traffic conditions before the crash. After KSN reached out to police about their policy on pursuits, a spokesperson declined to do an interview but referred us to their policy online that states: “The officer and supervisor should continually assess the risks associated with an emergency response or pursuit (time of day, traffic, and weather conditions and distance to call.” The full policy can be found here.