Video credit: Ben Crump Law via Storyful

(NBC News) — Video released Friday by attorneys representing two customers suing Taco Bell appears to show a person behind the counter of a Dallas store swinging a bucket of steaming liquid at them.

The pair say they suffered serious burns when a store manager poured the water on them as they complained about an incomplete order, their lawsuit claims.

The security video, which has no audio and was released in an edited compilation of cuts and in an unedited hourlong version, appears to show the worker pour the water as words were being exchanged between the customers and employees. 

“Taco Bell management and employees’ actions in these videos are violent, callous, and inexcusable,” Grinke said in a statement Friday. “C.T. and her aunt, Brittany, restaurant employees themselves, calmly ask for the food they paid for with their with hard-earned money. Rather than simply resolve the concern, the Taco Bell employees taunt a 16 year old, and the manager ambushes them with scalding water.” 

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