(NBC News) — One of Ghislaine Maxwell’s fellow inmates was offered money to murder her and planned to “strangle her in her sleep,” according to lawyers for the longtime Jeffrey Epstein confidante and convicted sex trafficker

The claim was made in court papers in which Maxwell’s lawyers pleaded for leniency ahead of her June 28 sentencing. 

“One of the female inmates in Ms. Maxwell’s housing unit told at least three other inmates that she had been offered money to murder Ms. Maxwell and that she planned to strangle her in her sleep,” the lawyers wrote, referring to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

The inmate claimed that an additional 20 years in prison would be worth the money she would receive for killing Maxwell, the lawyers wrote. The inmate was ultimately sent to a special housing unit, commonly known as solitary confinement, presumably to protect Maxwell, according to the lawyers. 

“This incident reflects the brutal reality that there are numerous prison inmates who would not hesitate to kill Ms. Maxwell — whether for money, fame, or simple ‘street cred,’” the lawyers wrote. 

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