Craigslist puppy at death’s door when sold to Pasco family


PASCO COUNTY, FL (WFLA) — Another puppy sold on Craigslist in the Bay area is at death’s door within days. A Pasco couple paid $150 for a puppy they were told was up to date on shots. It turns out the puppy was gravely ill.

“She wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink, we took her into PAWS and she was almost gone,” said Sherry Mccormic.

Sherry spotted a picture of her Bella in early May, on Craigslist.

“I fell in love with her she was so pretty,” recalled Sherry.

She bought the puppy for $150. The Pasco Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) confirmed Bella was deathly sick with Parvo virus, a potentially fatal intestinal infection.

“Oh it tore me apart, I was sad,” explained Sherry.  PAWS suggested putting Bella

PAWS suggested putting Bella down, because there was little hope she would survive. Sherry wanted to try to save her.

“She was bad, when they were injecting her with fluid we had actually thought she had passed away in the nurse’s lap,” she said.  Sherry continued the treatments at home.

Sherry continued the treatments at home.

“I mean there were times I called them crying because I thought she was gone,” remembered Sherry.  Against the odds, Bella survived.

Against the odds, Bella survived. Then Sherry’s husband spotted on Facebook our investigation about Christopher and Shawn Tomaras buying a puppy from someone on Craigslist.  Within days their puppy, named Leo died from Parvo. In our report, Sherry spotted the familiar face of Hayley Lidey.RELATED: Seller of parvo puppy on Craigslist staying in jail

“Then when I seen the picture of her I was like oh my God, honey that’s her,” said Sherry.  Sherry claims the seller called herself Ashleigh.  According to Chris and Shawn Tomaras,

Sherry claims the seller called herself Ashleigh. According to Chris and Shawn Tomaras, Lidey used the same name when she and her boyfriend Alberto Anaya sold them Leo. This Riverview woman they claim sold them the dog, seems to be operating one sick business. For the last three weeks Lidey has sat in the Hillsborough county jail for a probation violation on a previous unrelated conviction. She refused to take a drug test, failed to pay restitution and failed to report her efforts to find a job. In Circuit court Wednesday, Judge Daniel Perry had enough.

“She is going to get a job and she is going to work,” Judge Perry stated.

He ordered Lidey into a Probation and Restitution Center where she will fulfill the terms of her probation or go to prison.

“Ma’am, I’ll tell you this is your last chance in front of me, I see you again, you’re going to prison,” warned Judge Perry. “So you need to stop your thieving ways.”

In Florida, health certificates must accompany the sale of dogs and cats. People who have contacted 8 On Your Side about buying dogs from Lidey say, she did not provide them. If more charges come for illegally selling sick puppies, Lidey could go up the river to the big house.

“I hope she rots in jail for what she did,” said Sherry Mccormic.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON

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