(NBC News) — A Tennessee man was awarded more than $9 million after he was served cleaning liquid instead of water at a Marion County Cracker Barrel.

William Cronnon was dining at the restaurant in April 2014 for lunch when a waitress accidentally refilled his glass with a mixture of water and Eco-San, a commercial-grade bleach, according to a lawsuit and press release by Cronnon’s attorney.

“Plaintiff then ingested what he thought was ice water, only to immediately realize that it was not ice water, but was some chemical that caused a burning sensation in his mouth and esophagus,” according to the lawsuit, which was shared online by local news station WTVC of Chattanooga.

“It was later discovered that the server who attended to the Plaintiff on that occasion actually served the Plaintiff a chemical, caustic substance that was being used as a cleaner in the kitchen area, which substance is known as Eco-San.”

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