LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) — Police say a man and woman smoked K2 before robbing and beating a man and leaving him to die on the ground.

Lakeland police responded to a call about a disturbance in progress from Allen Thomas, age 57, at 3:51 a.m. on Monday. Thomas said he was being attacked by a male and a female and was at Lake Mirror near a park.

During the call, a male and female voice could be heard telling the victim to “give him his son.” The victim said that the white female attacker was wearing a pink shirt. Officers responded to the area and were unable to locate Thomas.

Then, police responded to a call at 7:18 a.m. about an unresponsive male in a parking lot at 515 East Orange Ave. Officers found a deceased man who had an injury over his left eye. Police said his eyes appeared to be swollen and his cell phone was missing. The deceased man was identified as Allen Thomas, who had called 911 earlier.

Officers obtained security images from surveillance cameras in the area that showed a man and a woman interacting with Thomas. The images showed Thomas trying to leave the area and the suspects were moving toward him. All three moved out of camera range and a short time later, the suspects were seen leaving the area on foot.

Police found suspects Amanda Henson, 29, and Anthony Thornton, 36, in the downtown Lakeland area. Police say Thomas’ cell phone was in Thornton’s pocket.

Henson allegedly told police that Thornton had told her to take Thomas’ cell phone during the altercation. Henson took the cell phone and later gave it to Thornton.

Henson told officers that Thomas had tried to get away from Thornton, but Thornton pursued him because he believed Thomas had something to do with Thornton’s son.

Thornton told police that he was with Henson and saw Thomas walking in the area. Thornton said that Henson told him that Thomas had taken his son. Thornton then approached Thomas and initiated a confrontation. Thornton told police that he punched Thomas and he fell to the ground.

Police say both suspects admitted to smoking K2 prior to the incident. Investigators say Thomas did not know the victims.

Thornton was arrested on robbery and aggravated battery charges. Henson was arrested on a charge of robbery without a firearm.

The investigation is ongoing pending the outcome of the autopsy report.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON