TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The College Football Playoff National Championship is less than three weeks away and expected to draw tens of thousands of people to our area.

No one wants to think about a terrorist attack happening in Tampa, but after the deadly crash at a Christmas market in Germany, law enforcement are taking security for the game very seriously.

Raymond James stadium will be packed with 72,000 fans in just a few weeks.

It’s an exciting time for the city, but with that many people in one place, security has to be the number one priority.

“Obviously the world has changed even since yesterday. We’ve had two major incidents in the world that are related to terrorism. So we need to balance the people coming and going to the game with security,” said Marc Hamlin, TPD assistant chief.

Tuesday, FDLE, TPD, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, fire rescue and even bomb dogs trained to make sure they can keep you safe.

“I know exactly how many law enforcement officers will be deployed, but I can’t tell you that, because it may compromise our security plan and I think you can appreciate that,” said Hamlin.

Officers assured 8 On Your Side that this isn’t their first rodeo and they think they have a good handle on things.

“I can tell you the world has changed since the Republican National Convention and the last Super Bowl, so we are using lessons learned from incidents that have occurred around the world and we’re just getting better,” said Hamlin.

There aren’t any known threats at this time, but officers beg you if you know something, say something.

“Police aren’t going to stop someone. It’s the public that’s going to give us the information we need.”

Security will be similar to an NFL game. You’ll have to have a clutch around the size of your hand or you’ll have to use an approved clear bag to enter the stadium.