Clearwater woman stabbed 32 times by ex-boyfriend believes miracles kept her alive


CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A Clearwater woman survived the most horrific experience, she was nearly stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend.

Melissa Dohme Hill believes that not one, but several miracles kept her alive.

“I felt myself drifting, is when I said my final prayer. I said, ‘Okay God, if this is your will, please forgive me for my sins and take me to heaven.’ At that moment a spotlight shined on me,” she recalled.

“We actually had Melissa die before our eyes a couple of times that night, but with massive blood transfusions and the care of a lot of people, and the help of the team we were able to resuscitate Melissa,” Trauma Surgeon Jeff Johnson told WFLA in a previous interview.

Five years ago, Melissa lived through a night of terror at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who stabbed her 32 times.

“He moved the knife to the front, and it went in the side of my face. It wasn’t until that one that I actually knew what was happening. That is when my mouth filled with blood and I started gurgling on my own blood,” Melissa said.RELATED: People describe near-death experiences on special website

It’s the miracles she experienced after the brutal attack that will give you chills.

“I was able to stand up and start walking. I remember thinking how my walking, this is a miracle how my walking?” Melissa said.

Melissa believes angels carried her out of the road so her attacker couldn’t finish her off.

She believes angels also gave her a voice when first responders arrived. “My larynx was stabbed, and I shouldn’t be speaking, but God gave me my voice and I was able to state, who I was, who my attacker was, what his truck looked like and the direction he went in,” she said.

A voice she now uses for what she believes is her true calling, helping women through the organization Hands Across the Bay.

“The reason I feel God has granted so many miracles for my life is that he had to show me my purpose. I was put on this earth to be an advocate speaking out against domestic violence and dating violence. I’m doing all I can to raise awareness,” she said.RELATED: How a near-death experience changed my life

“Hands Across the Bay is the organization that actually helped me after the attack. So just the way my life has aligned has been so incredible. And, I believe it’s the power of miracles that has enabled me to get where I am today.”

“You’re literally talking to someone who for every reason would not even be here right now, but she is. she literally live to tell her story,” said Hands Across the Bay Founder Julie Weintraub.

The final, and best miracle of all, is Cameron. One of the paramedics who saved her life, is now her husband.

“It’s really crazy and it is a miracle. It’s unbelievable and it’s real and it’s true. It’s my life story. It’s my own personal fairy tale,” Melissa said.STORIES THAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON –


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