(WFLA) – The theme park with one of the most gruesome accidents in U.S. History is once again open for business. However, the particular ride that killed a 10-year old boy Sunday remains closed.

As investigators continue to look for answers, chilling new video has emerged – detailing the dangers of the world’s tallest waterslide. The video was taken two years before this week’s tragedy. It details the possibilities of what could potentially happen on the ride known as the “Verruckt” – a German word meaning insane or crazy.

The video begins with a couple of thrill-seekers putting their lives on the line as they take a test run down the unfinished, open chute. But watch as the video stops at the end, before the duo goes airborne.

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As you can see, at the time it was shot, there were no safety nets enclosing the chute to retain the rafts. Those were added later.

Even those weren’t enough to save 10-year-old Caleb Schwab, who was decapitated. “I looked over and saw his broken neck and him sliding down the slide leaving a blood trail,” a witness aid.

Designers of the waterslide had so many problems they had to delay the grand opening.

“I think they need to fix the jostling around like your neck gets pretty (shaken) around like really good and you hit your head a lot,” a witness said.

There are so many questions remaining about the rides construction. The “safety harnesses” are also raising questions. Riders were held in by nothing more than Velcro straps.