TAMPA (WFLA) – In this week’s Cate’s Corner, Keith Cate talks about planning upcoming events and life amid the pandemic

Here are his thoughts:

A friend once told me to write the word “something” on every page of my calendar. That way, I could decline unwanted invitations with sincerity. All I had to say was… “I already have something on my calendar.” Of course, I would never do that.

I do enjoy putting something on my calendar. My 2021 calendar is already filling up with appointments, anniversaries, and big events like the upcoming Super Bowl in Tampa on Feb. 7, The Strawberry Festival beginning March 4, and Gasparilla on April 17.

My phone has a calendar, which is handy for checking dates, but I prefer penciling reminders on paper in a designated box, on a specific month with a number between 1 and 31 tucked neatly in the upper left corner.

My 2020 calendar was a mess. Most of what I wrote down had to be scratched out due to coronavirus cancellations and pandemic postponements. I’m guessing your calendar looked similar.

But I have new hope as I scribble notes in my 2021 calendar for family get-togethers, travel, and dinner dates with my wife. I know, much of that hangs in the balance as I wait on my COVID vaccine, but I’ll eventually get that on my calendar too.

Here’s the thing. 2020 was difficult mentally, physically, and emotionally and my calendar reflected that. And even though 2021 got off to a rocky start, I remain optimistic because… “I already have something on my calendar.” And I can say that with sincerity.