A San Francisco cannabis dispensary, Bloom Room, is offering eighths of lab-tested medical-grade cannabis for $1 to all veterans this Veterans Day.

General Manager of Bloom Room, Stephen Rechif, tells EIN News that new regulations have forced them to sell the drug to veterans for the first time instead of giving it to them as a donation.

“We used to be able to give veterans their eighths for free but that is not allowed with the new laws,” said Rechif.

The purpose of the donation is to help veterans, but also to raise awareness about the benefits of medical cannabis for veterans said Rechif.  “As cannabis becomes more mainstream, there is no other group that can benefit more than our veterans and our seniors.”

Cannabis has been used to limit vivid dreams that could affect a person with PTSD. It has also been used to treat chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

The National Center for PTSD states that a common symptom for those suffering from PTSD is recurring night terrors. In fact, one study conducted by the center states that, “Of those with PTSD, 71 percent to 96 percent may have nightmares.”

The special offer for veterans will be available on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, with proof of service.