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Emotional Sobriety Trend Has Practical Application for Everyone

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Emotional Sobriety is a popular concept in substance use disorder recovery, but it's application for everyone is a developing trend, as COVID fatigue wears on emotional well-being and creates new stresses in everyday life, says Dr. Allen Berger, author of 12 Essential Insights for Emotional Sobriety.

"As a practicing therapist for over 50 years, I am seeing more and more patients who are not in recovery but who are struggling with anxiety today. COVID19 has worn at every thread and fabric of society, and the long-term impact has created an alarming rate of emotional distress and languishing," says Berger. "While Emotional Sobriety stems from a term coined by AA Founder Bill W. in a 1958 Letter, "A New Frontier – Emotional Sobriety," the concept of Emotional Sobriety is relevant in today's world for anyone."

As defined in Dr. Berger's book, Emotional sobriety is a mental state in which we are not overly influenced by what is going on around us. "We go from an "I'm ok if" mentality to an "I'm ok even if" mentality," says Dr. Berger. "This develops an unshakeable foundation for our lives.  I think of this as, 'When the best of us leads the rest of us'."

Emotional disturbance is the new norm today, as people grieve the loss of loved ones from this pandemic, where businesses struggle with understaffing due to COVID illness and other related issues, inflation and other economic hardships create daily living hardships, and in general, an overwhelming amount of change. Emotional Sobriety can help us cope with this new world, by first waking up to the reality that we are stuck in old paths, and secondly by dealing with reality as it is rather than objecting to it because it's not what it's supposed to be.

"Emotional Sobriety is a practice of core principals to improve our ability to enjoy our own life, and to enrich our relationships. Tools include living more consciously, getting ride of blaming, adopting nourishing attitudes, and living a purposeful life," says Berger.

Dr. Berger's publisher, 4th Dimension Publishing, LLC, recently launched an Emotional Sobriety Study Area, compiling two decades of Dr. Berger's work on Emotional Sobriety, available for unlimited streaming. Live workshops are also presented by Dr. Berger and other leading experts.

4th Dimension Publishing, LLC is a California-based publishing corporation. For more information about the Emotional Sobriety Study Area, please visit or contact Kristin Witzenburg at

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