TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Celebrations could be heard from around the world as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took down the NFC West leaders 21-16 in Munich, Germany.

The momentum from last week’s win continued into Sunday’s early morning game as the Buccaneers came out ready to go as soon as they took the field. With the Buccaneers defeating the Seattle Seahawks (6-4), the Bucs improved their record to 5-5 as they head into a bye week.

Within the first quarter, the Bucs started strong but were unable to record a touchdown and were forced to kick a 52-yard field goal that was no good. However, Bucs’ wide receiver Julio Jones changed that real quick with a 31-yard touchdown.

“My number got called early. Trying to make a play, I was wide open, so I was just like I gotta score, I gotta do something,” said Jones. “For me to be wide open like that, I had to score.”

Sunday’s win in Munich was definitely a team win. Everyone was contributing and the Buccaneers just looked really fluid.

“Everyone did a great job spreading the ball around to different people and it’s what we’re going to have to keep doing,” said quarterback Tom Brady. “If we run the ball better, I think we give ourselves a great chance to win going forward. So it makes it a lot easier for all of us when the run game does what it’s doing and do what it did today. Proud of everyone coming together and understanding how important that was for us and figuring out a way to get a win,” he added.

Not only were the Bucs players on top of the game, but the fans in attendance were a huge contributing factor. Bucs’ head coach Todd Bowles said the stadium and crowd were electric.

“The crowd was electric, it was loud throughout the ball game from the beginning to the end. I thought the German fans were outstanding and it’s a great place to play,” said Bowles. Jones also added he loved the energy.

“I loved [the crowd], I loved the energy here in Germany, the fans were amazing. Just the whole atmosphere. Those types of crowds, it’s amazing and it’s the people who just love the sport. The energy was really, really good, they kept us in the game, there wasn’t a dull moment,” said Jones. “I loved the way they chanted, they stayed together in unity. Overall, it was amazing.”

If you were watching the game, you could hear the crowd singing along to ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads.’ Tom Brady said that he loved hearing the fans sing.

“The end of the game with them singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads,’ that was pretty epic. I think everyone who was a part of the experience got to have a pretty amazing memory for their life, so thank you for hosting us, we appreciate it.”

According to ESPN, the NFL said it had a queue of 800,000 people trying to get tickets for the international. The Allianz Arena only holds 70,000 people.

The NFL stated that Sunday’s match was played in front of 69,811 attendees. For comparison, Raymond James Stadium only holds 65,890 people.

“By time we got on the field for warmups, the stadium was basically full and you know, it gets everyone hyped up, and hopefully we kind of entertained everyone. That was our goal coming out here,” said Brady.

Along with the fan energy, the Buccaneers had a few key plays that were able to get the fans pumped up.

Tampa Bay recorded three sacks, including one by Devin White that allowed the Bucs to recover the ball as Seattle was edging near the end zone. Rachaad White had a great 29-yard run, and Chris Godwin had a beautiful 18-yard catch in the third quarter that allowed the Bucs to move downfield. Godwin also scored his first touchdown of the season against Seattle.

Scotty Miller also had a crucial catch in the second quarter that opened up the Bucs’ offense and allowed Leonard Fournette to score on the next drive. Overall, they just played like one unit.

Although Fournette was taken out of the game during the fourth quarter with a hip injury, he was still walking around on the sideline, which was a good sign.

Bowles said that Fournette has a hip pointer and they’ll evaluate more when they get going.

This goes along with those preparations the Bucs were working on before leaving. Allianz Arena is an open stadium and with it being cooler in Germany and playing on grass instead of turf, we saw a few slips during the game.

“The ground was slippery, we had on seven studs, but it was still slippery,” said Bowles. “I mean we understood that and you know, it was equal for both sides. Both sides had to play, so we didn’t use that as an excuse.”

Jones also touched on playing on grass because he was injured while playing on turf. “I don’t like turf. I love the grass, I got injured from the turf, so I love the grass,” he said.

One slip that was memorable from the game actually came from Brady, who was going to receive a pass from Fournette but ended up being an interception after he slipped and fell.

“I wasn’t very close today. Unfortunately, that corner is a former college receiver who jumps a lot higher than me and is much more athletic,” said Brady. “I was hoping to be wide open and I probably was on the first one and I think they were pretty clued on the second one. They said ‘cover him, cover him,’ on the sideline and I tried to yell ‘Lenny, no!’ but it was too late and the ball went up in the air and I was trying to just whatever, jump up and knock it down but I ended up falling on my face.”

Bowles joked and said that had Brady not slipped, we would’ve seen his 42-inch vertical.

One of the biggest takeaways from Sunday’s game was definitely Devin White. His father passed away just before the team was getting ready to take off to Germany.

White led the team with nine tackles, had two sacks, two QB hits, one tackle for loss, and a forced fumble. White was a huge asset to the team and his teammates took notice.

“For him to even get on the plane, you know it happened right before we were leaving and he still got on the plane to play a ball game,” said Bowles. “To lose your dad right before you’re getting ready to go to Germany and still play, it says a lot about the guy.”

Jones also added, “the brotherhood here is family. We support him, we’re glad he made the trip and he probably played for his pops, but that’s not for me to discuss him.”

Moving forward, the Buccaneers will go into their bye week with two wins, but their work isn’t done.

“It feels great to go into the bye week with a win, obviously two wins, so hopefully we’re trending forward. You almost don’t wanna have a bye since you won two in a row, but we got some guys nicked up. We need to get healthy so we’ll get some rest and get ready for the stretch run,” said Bowles.

Jones added that they’re going to celebrate the win and then they’re gonna go from there. “You gotta continue to keep working and getting better. It’s a great win for us, but we always have room for improvement and we just gotta continue it. Once we watch film, we’ll see what we need to improve on, but at the end of the day, we’re gonna enjoy this one.”

Bucs will be back in action after their bye week on Nov. 27 against the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. ET.