BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) – A golden retriever puppy named Dorothy recently had the scare of her young life. The pup cried out in pain, yelping as a pit bull had her head in its mouth, while another pit bit down on her hindquarters.

Her owner, Kathy Corlione, was terrified when it happened.

“It was horrifying, horrifying because there’s nothing I can do, literally nothing I could do to stop it,” Corlione said.

She said she tried to get the pit bulls off of her beloved puppy, to no avail. Dorothy lay still as the attack happened, also clearly terrified, Corlione said. She  pointed out the puncture wounds left behind on Dorothy’s head. “All she could do was cry with the weight she had on her,” Corlione told News Channel 8.

The question remains: Who owns the pit bulls that attacked Dorothy? Corlione lives in a beautifully landscaped, dog-friendly apartment complex in Bradenton, called Vista at Palma Sola.

8 On Your Side saw countless pups on leashes trotting happily next for their owners. The manager of the complex was emphatic as she informed us the apartment rules prohibit pit bulls as pets. In fact, management is concerned for both dogs and children in the complex and is actively looking for the pit bull owners. The apartment team is on pit bull patrol, currently doing doggy detective work to find the people and pups responsible.

Corlione’s grandson, Ben, also lives in the complex. His father was moved to tears as he recounted the nightmare his mother-in-law had to endure. “She doesn’t go to that part of the complex anymore. She’s just, I’m trying not to get emotional, just, seeing her cry,” Scott Cosnowski said.

For now, Corlione and Dorothy don’t go out very often. When they do, it’s quick.

“I was just so upset, so upset. Is that what it’s come to? That’s how scared I am,” she said.

Management is allowing her to break her lease, since she is now moving out of the complex. Manatee County Animal Control was also called and is currently investigating the case.