BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) – A Bradenton Police Lieutenant is home recovering, after a life or death struggle with a burglar intent on not going to jail.

Security cameras caught the violent melee early Sunday morning inside a jewelry store.

Alerted to a break-in by an alarm company, Lt. William Weldon noticed broken glass at Joyeria Latina on 9th Street West.

Using his flashlight, he came face-to-face with a burglar behind a counter.

Police identified him as 23-year-old Isaac Dubon of Bradenton.

At first, Dubon looks like he’s going to give up. Lt. Weldon puts his gun in his holster.

That’s when the incident turns nasty, fast. Dubon is seen fighting with the officer.

Police report Dubon tried to gouge Lt. Weldon’s eyes and grab his gun.

Finally, the officer breaks free, points his gun at Dubon and orders him to the ground.

Dubon refuses and lunges at the officer.  The Lieutenant pistol whips him, sending Dubon to the floor.

Paola Suarez’s mother owns Joyeria Latina. Besides jewelry, they help people ship boxes, sell phone cards, and money grams to mostly Central American countries.

This is the second time this year a burglar has broken in.

“Oh, we feel so bad for the cop, and so good at the same time. Just because he was fighting,” said Suarez.

Right after knocking Dubon out, back-up help arrived. An exhausted Lt. Weldon paused to catch his breath.

Paola wants to meet him. “You, for putting your life on the line, not only for us, for the community, for everybody,” she said.

Dubon is in the Manatee County Jail as police figure out the long list of charges likely to be filed.